Parmesan History

Its original name was 'Escalope Parmesan' today it is more lovingly known as Parmo or Parmesan. The Parmo is a popular food dish primarily sold in takeaways 
throughout North East England, especially popular in Middlesbrough, where it originated. It is served both as a restaurant meal and a take-out snack, often accompanied by fries and fresh salad.

The Parmo was created by Nicos Harris, a chef with the American army in World War II. He was wounded in France but was brought to the United Kingdom to be treated in a British hospital. Eventually, he moved to Middlesbrough and opened a restaurant where he created the Parmo in 1958.

The Parmo is somewhat similar to the veal or chicken Parmigiana which is commonly eaten in Italian restaurants across the world.

Parmos are also served with the addition of toppings.