Gluten Free Bases

Mama's Pizza - The First Pizza Delivery and Takeaway in the UK to offer Freshly made Gluten Free Bases
We strongly believe the family meal should be for the whole family, everyone should eat together and enjoy the same food.
We have a few members of our family who have an intolerance to gluten and have always made them gluten free pizzas. At first we used the ready made gluten free bases, but these were a bit...... well sub-standard to say the least. We have since developed our own gluten free bases, these have been tried and tested on all the family and have their approval.
Give them a try and please let us have your comments. We are always looking for ways to improve and better ourselves so any comments or suggestions are always welcome.
For Gluten Free bases add £2 to your 9" Pizza or £2.50 to your 12" Pizza.
Please note it can take a little longer for a Gluten Free pizza from time of order, so do order well in advance.
For more information about gluten intolerance go to